Call for Proposals for Fundraising Strategy Services on a Project Basis

Scope of work 

The African and African Diaspora NGO is soliciting Proposals from qualified individuals or firm(s) to provide Fundraising Strategy Services to assist in the planning, coordination, and implementation of all fundraising activities in support of its programs, projects and activities. Fundraising in this context refers to revenue raising events, charitable donations from individuals and organizations and operational grants. Fundraising does not include monies paid to deliver a contractual service.  


The Africa and African Diaspora (AAD) Conference was held virtually from the 23-29 October 2021 on the theme, “Africa and the African Diaspora: From Manchester 1945 to a Pan-African Renaissance: The Shared Journey – The Past, Present and Future.” The conference built on the outcomes of the 1945 Pan African Congress in Manchester. The conference led to a call for a global movement and reinstatement of the principles and ideals of Pan-Africanism in all sectors pertaining to the social, political, spiritual and economic empowerment of Africans and people of African descent in this moment.  

The conference was a moment of critical engagement with global, regional, and domestic efforts by civil society, the private, and public sectors, among other things. This has resulted in the formation of the African and African Diaspora Non-Governmental Organization, which will carry on the conference’s mandate by focusing on ten thematic areas aimed at development:  

  • A democratic and equitable international order 
  • Economic liberation and self-determination 
  • Reparatory justice, life and debt in Africa and the Diaspora 
  • Pan-Africanism with All, for All 
  • Decolonizing Knowledge 
  • Black Lives Matter Globally 
  • Building bridges between Africa and its Diaspora 
  • Freedom of migration, border control and hospitality. 
  • Pan-Africanism and Spirituality 
  • Climate change and climate justice 


The African and African Diaspora NGO is looking for a Fundraising Consultant who is highly skilled, resourceful, and fully knowledgeable in Fundraising, and who can take a proactive approach to Fundraising and resource mobilization, advising on current strategic approaches and practices, and making recommendations for acquiring capital sustainably. The Fundraising Consultant will need to:  

  • Develops five-year fundraising strategy for AAD that includes financial goals, likely sources of fundraising revenue and identifies responsibility (staff and volunteers) for each area. 
  • Identify and recommend any ethical considerations or principles that need to be adopted. 
  • Implement, monitor, and evaluate the fundraising strategy once it is adopted. 
  • Identify and maintain a list of existing and potential sponsors and donors, and tracks appeals.  
  • Facilitate the development of project proposals by staff to submit to potential sponsors and donors.  
  • Assumes the lead for all fundraising events and activities. 
  • Oversee interactions with sponsors and funders including obtaining funds or in-kind services, thanking the sponsors and funders in writing and acknowledging sponsors and funders at board meetings, special events, the AGM and on the website. 


The fundraising plan developed by the Consultant will be approved by the Board. With such approval the Consultant is empowered to act and make the plan a reality, but such approval does not enable it to direct staff. 

Reporting Relationship 

The Fundraising Consultant will be reporting to the AAD International Leadership Team at least twice a month with one report focusing on fundraising goals, strategies and potential donors, and the second on progress and results.

Submission of Proposals 

Proposals must be submitted electronically to no later than 17h00 South Africa time on Tuesday, 23 August 2022.  

Respondents of African, Latin American, and Pacific descent, whether living in their home countries or in the diaspora, are encouraged to apply. 


Questions about this proposal must be made in writing, via e-mail to Nono Shabangu at